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Information and Training Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

Reunification and Visitation/Family Time Publications


Family-Centered Reunification in Child Welfare: A Review of Best Practices

Partnering With Relatives to Promote Reunification(CWIG)

Equipping Foster Parents to Actively Support Reunification (USAdoptKids)

Recommendations for Improving Permanency and Well-Being (Children's Bureau, 2021)

Strategies for Authentic Integration of Family and Youth Voice in Child Welfare (Capacity Building Center for States)

Family Centered Reunification in Child Welfare: A Review of Best Practices

How Judges Can Support Family Reunification through Parent–Resource Parent Partnerships (ABA)

Helping Youth Explore Permamency (Children's Bureau)

Partnering With Birth Parents to Promote Reunification (Children's Bureau)

Reasonable Efforts to Preserve or Reunify Families and Achieve Permanency for Children (2020)

Resource Family Tip Sheet for Supporting Reunification (American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law)

Reunification: Bringing Your Children Home From Foster Care (CWIG)

Supporting Successful Reunifications (CWIG)

Assessing the Context of Permanency and Reunification in the Foster Care System (Westat; Chapin Hall Center for Children)

Visits/Family Time

Factsheet for Families: Virtual Family Time - Tips for Families (Children's Bureau, July 2020)

Bulletin for Professionals: Tips for Supporting Virtual Family Time (Children's Bureau, July 2020)

Making the Most of Visits: Parent-to-parent tips for handling supervised visits

Video for Frontline Staff: Tips for Supporting Parents in Supervised Visits

Child and Family Visitations: A Practice Guide to Support Lasting Reunification and Preserving Family Connections for Children in Foster Care

Conducting Parent-Child Visits (University of Illinois)

Making Visits Better--The Perspectives of Parents, Foster Parents, & Case Workers (University of Illinois, 2001)

Frequency of Parent Child Visits--Are one hour weekly visits enough to achieve reasonable effort to reunify children and parents?