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Safety Methodology Enhancements

FSFN eLearning Modules

As The Florida Safety Methodology is being implemented around the state, FSFN is being enhanced to provide technological support for the new practice. During this calendar year there will be notable improvements to the FSFN system changing the way all users across the child welfare spectrum utilize the application. Once you have viewed each presentation, please document your training in the FSFN Training Tracking System (Click here for instructions).

Introduction to Safety Methodology and Enhancements in FSFN

FSFN Introduction to Safety Methodology Overview
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Documentation
Introduction to Safety Methodology Enhancements
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File Cabinet
Case Notes
Understanding, Creating and Accessing Case and Person Information
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Case Book
Person Book

Activation of Safety Methodology and Enhancements in FSFN
Activation Course Descriptions
Case Investigation and Case Management Lifecycle
Intake Changes [13 min]
Investigations Page [30 min]
Present Danger Assessment (PDA) [22 min]
Supervisor Consultation [21 min]
Safety Plan [27 min]
Family Functioning Assessment (FFA) Investigation [28 min]
Family Functioning Assessment (FFA) Ongoing [39 min]
Case Plan Worksheet [27 min]
Progress Update [42 min]
Case Plan Worksheet (Update)[28 min]
Legal Documentation [23 min]
Judcial Review Worksheet [44 min]
FSFN Activation Phase Enhancements
Common Functionality Enhancements [14 min]
Education [15 min]
Medical Mental Health [11 min]
Adoptions [14 min]
Independent Living [11 min]
Investigation/Special Conditions Referral Workload [13 min]
Unified Home Study(UHS): Introduction [19 min]
Unified Home Study(UHS): Person Provider and Emergency Placement[36 min]
Unified Home Study(UHS): Relative Placement and Adoption [27 min]
FSFN Enhancements: Activation Phase Training Video (09/10/2013) (24:29) (Trainer Information)
Introduction to Safety Methodology: FSFN Enhancements (07/02/2013) (40:47) (Trainer Information)
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment [38 min]
Introduction to Actuarial Risk Assessment [30 min]