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Florida Safety Methodology eLearning Modules

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The Florida Safety Methodology is the cornerstone of a new practice for Florida’s child welfare community to approach interacting with the families we assist. To introduce key concepts and practices of the Safety Methodology, all child welfare professionals will view a series of eLearning modules prior to classroom training . The eLearning Module Discussion Guide builds on the introduction of the Methodology’s four eLearning modules, so concepts and practices may be further discussed and better understood. For each module in the discussion guide, various resource materials are provided, along with facilitation notes or discussion questions designed to guide the supervisor and/or Safety Practice Expert (SPE) who is leading the discussion/application. Once you have viewed each presentation, please document your training in the FSFN Training Tracking System (Click here for instructions).

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Information Collection and Information Domains


Present and Impending Danger Child Vulnerability and Protective Capacity

Critical Thinking in Safety Decision-Making

Safety Planning

Introduction to Actuarial Risk Assessments

Introduction to Actuarial Risk Assessment for Ongoing Workers