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Information and Training Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

Child Welfare Training Curricula

  Florida Child Welfare Pre-Service Curriculum  

Other Florida Curriculum Materials

Action Booster Trainings
Advanced Training For Child Welfare
Baker Act Training (DCF)
Child Functional Assessment Rating Scales (CFARS)
Co-Occurring Disorders Training (DCF-USF)
Family Centered Practice
Introduction to Fl Department of Juvenile Justice - PowerPoint
Introduction to Fl Department of Juvenile Justice - Trainer Guide
Integration of Services Training Series
K-12 Education Report Card Training and Materials
Mentoring Through Qualitative Discussion
Supervising for Excellence
Unified Home Study

National Curriculum Resources and Materials

Adoption Competency Curriculum and MEPA Curriculum (NRCAdoption)
Assessing Adult Relatives as Preferred Caregivers in Permanency Planning (NRCPFC)
Building Bridges: A Guide to Planning and Implementing Cross-Service Training
Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit (2nd Ed.)(NCTSN)
Concurrent Permanency Planning (NRCPFC)
Demystifying Disability in Child Abuse Interviewing (Oregon curriculum 2008)
Helping Child Welfare Workers Support Families with Substance Abuse, Mental, and Co-Occuring Disorders (NCSACW)
Interdependent Living Curriculum (Jordan Inst for Families)
Introduction to Cultural Competence: A Training Tool (FriendsNRC,2006)
Legal Resource Manual for Foster Parents Curriculum (NRCPFC)
Let's Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum (National Runaway Switchboard)
Mental Health Medication for Children- Free online training
Promoting Placement Stability and Permanency through Caseworker/Child Visits (NRCPFC)
Sibling Practice Curriculum (NRCPFC)