2016 Child Protection Summit

General Sessions
Wednesday General Session No Training Hours Available Thursday General Session No Training Hours Available
Friday General Session No Training Hours Available
Summary Report
2016 Child Protection Summit Summary Report
Recorded Workshops
Allegations Of Medical Neglect - Checking The Facts
(09/09/2016) | Running Time: (2:04:38)
Breaking Down Barriers to School Attendance
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (59:29)
Case Planning with Teens at the Table
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:13:36)
Chapter 39 Injunctions
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:12:30)
Civil Citation - Keeping Kids out of the Juvenile Justice System
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:08:33)
Compassion Fatigue - The Cost of Caring
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:01:13)
Emerging Issues Regarding Parental Fundamental Rights - What Every Judicial Trianing Officer Needs to Know
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (2:08:52)
Guardianship and Guardian Advocate Training For Attorneys Post-Regis Little
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:12:20)
Human Trafficking Screening Tool
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:05:43)
Impact of Pre & Postnatal Substance Exposure on Development & Behavior in 0-3 Year Olds
(09/07/2016) | Running Time: (2:16:31)
Let's Get Placement On - Why ICPC Matters
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (57:07)
Psychotropic Medications 101 - What Judges Need to Know for Effective Decision-Making
(09/09/2016) | Running Time: (77:12)
Recent Developments in Dependency Case and Statutory Law
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (01:10:05) No Training Hours Available
The Impact of Trauma On Family Functioning and Child Well-Being
(09/09/2016) | Running Time: (1:14:39)
Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in Florida Unified Family Courts
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:10:01)
Using the Safe and Together Model to Improve Assessments Using the Six Domains of Information
(09/09/2016) | Running Time: (1:03:20)
What Does Buying a House Have to do With Child Welfare: Critical Thinking
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:04:54)
What Now? Impending Danger
(09/09/2016) | Running Time: (1:07:44)
When Adoption Gets Complicated: The Adoption Applicant Committee & Administrative Review
(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (55:10)
Witness Bootcamp - Knowledgeable, Confident & Prepared
(09/07/2016) | Running Time: (2:01:59)
Resources from All Workshops
Allegations of Medical Neglect: Checking the Facts
Barriers to School Attendance
Behavior and Need in Group Care
Best Practice Model for Clinical Integration
Breaking Dependency Barriers
Buying a House and Child Welfare
Care for Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth
Case Planning with Teens at the Table
Chapter 39 Injunctions
Children of Inmates
Civil Citation: Keeping Kids out of the Juvinile Justice System
Clinical Roles and Processes
Compassion Fatigue
Co-Parenting Ice Breakers
Core Drug Endangered Children
Crossover Court - Arrest to Success
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Digital Storytelling Project
Distracted to Productive: Finding Focus
Early Learning Coalitions
Effects of Early Maltreatment on Brain Development
Emerging Issues Regarding Parental Rights
Establishing a Peer Support Program
Every Child Needs a Transition Plan
Expanding the Family Services Initiative in Pinellas County
Families of Orthodox Jewish Culture
Family Safety in Domestic Violence Cases
Florida Flakka - Opiate Epidemics
Fostering Foster Parents
Foster Youth to College Student
Gang Trafficking Case Study
Genograms, Assessments and Planning
Getting Healthcare that Children Need
Guardian Advocate Training for Attorneys
Guardians as Parents
HEART Data on Supportive Housing
Hitting a Home Run with Safety Plans
Human Trafficking and Immigration
ICPC: Let's Get Placement On
 I.S.A.F.E. (Increasing Safety and Family Engagement)
Keys to Independence - Community Based Care
Leadership & Retention Through the Eyes of Dr. Seuss
Let Birth Parents Assess Themselves
Perinatal Mental Health
Post-Adoption Services
Preserving Families Using the Child Welfare Practice Model
Professionalism in Dependency Practice
Psychotropic Medications 101
Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care
Research-Based Workforce and Practice
Seeing Families through a Trauma Lens
Self-Care and Stress Management
Sexually Safe - Trauma Treatment Based Foster Care Program
SOC Wraparound
Therapeutic Arts Services for Foster Youth
Trafficked Youth Who are Parents
Training for Adoptive and Foster Parents
Trauma-Informed Parent Education
Unaccompanied Immigrant Children
Use of In-Home and Out-of-Home Services
Using Marketing to Recruit Foster Families
Value of Permanency
What Now? Impending Danger
When Adoption Gets Complicated
Working Together for Family Success
Young Children's Emotions and Attachments
 Youth and Young Adult Driven Behavioral Health Model