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Information and Training Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

Results Oriented Accountability - Reports

Process Documentation 3.0 (11/29/17)

Child Welfare Data Analytics SFY 2016-17 Final Documentation (06/30/17)

DCF ROA Update on Initiatives Annual Report (03/31/17)

Child Welfare Key Indicatory Annual Reveiw (FY 2015-16)

(This report provides charts for a set of indicators describing the current status of Florida’s community-based child welfare system is operating.)

Analysis of Increases in Out-of-Home Care 2013-2015

(This report analyzes factors that may have contributed to an increase in removals and placement in out-of-home care and delays in discharges from out-of-home care.)

Community-Based Care Lead Agency Financial Position and Comprehensive System of Care CBC Level Data Packet (September 2016)

(This report contains CBC level trend data associated with data contained within the Community-Based Care Lead Agency Financial Position and Comprehensive System of Care Report.)

Data Analytics Report #DCF-24 (09/03/15)

(This report examined alleged child maltreatment fatalities in Florida between 2009 and 2014, as a prospective study of fatalities from abuse and neglect of children associated, directly or indirectly, with a previous nonfatal report of suspected maltreatment.)

Data Analytics Report #DCF-29 (08/09/16)

(This report examined re-reporting and re-maltreatment dynamics of perpetrators and caregivers in the Florida child welfare system between 2004 and 2014, in an effort to assist the decision-making process of the Department of Children and Families (the Department) in alleviating chronic maltreatment. This is the first prospective study in the literature that examines a cohort of perpetrators over 10 years with multiple episodes of recurrence of maltreatment.)

Data Governance and Strategy Deliverable #4 (6/24/16)

DCF29 - Foundational Processes for Analytics, Deliverable #7 (6/30/16)

Florida Abuse Hotline Intakes and Returns within 12 Months of an Initial Intake Being Screened Out for Children that had No Prior FSFN History 10-1-13 to 9-30-15

(This report is an analysis of Florida Abuse Hotline intakes that were screened out where the child had no prior history in the Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN). All screened-out intakes that met the this criteria were then reviewed to determine if there were any return Hotline contacts within the next 12 months and if any these return contacts were screened-in or screened-out.)

Locating and Evaluating Research-Supported Interventions in Child Welfare (07/01/16)

(This report describes a summary of major databases and clearinghouses for evaluating programs and practices for potential use in child welfare.)

Quarterly Progress Report on ROA Implementation - June 2016, Deliverable 2B