Windows Into Practice - Guidelines for Quality Assurance Reviews

Windows Into Practice Guidelines FY 16-17
Appendix 1 Child Fatality Report Template
Appendix 2 CIRRT Template
Appendix 3 Mini CIRRT Template and Guidance
Appendix 4 Case Management Consultation
Appendix 5 Conflict of Interest
Appendix 6 Confidentiality Statement
Appendix 7 FSFN Request for Action
Appendix 8 Instructions for BOE Reports - How To Guide
Appendix 9 DCF-QA Web Portal Quick Reference Guide
Appendix 10 DCF-QA Portal Common Issues Guide
Appendix 11 DCF-QA Portal User Guide
Appendix 12 OMS_UserManual_9-21-2016
Appendix 13 Recording Proficiency Calls Using BT Conferencing