Quality Management Plans
CBC QA Plans for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
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Big Bend Community Based Care
Brevard Family Partnership
Children's Network of SW Florida
Community Based Care of Central Florida
Community Partnership for Children
Devereux Community Based Care
Families First Network
Family Integrity Program
Heartland for Children
Kids Central Inc
Kids First of Florida
Partnership for Strong Families
Safe Children's Coalition

Regional Quality Assurance Plans

Regional QA Plans Fiscal Year 2015-2016
Northeast Region QA Plan (FY 15-16)

Regional QA Plans Fiscal Year 2014-2015
Central Region QA Plan (FY 14-15)
Northeast Region QA Plan (FY 14-15)
Suncoast Region QA Plan (FY 14-15)

Regional QA Plans Fiscal Year 2010-2011
Central Region QA Plan (FY 10-11)
Northeast Region QA Plan (FY 10-11)
Northwest Region QA Plan (FY 10-11)
Southeast Region QA Plan (FY 10-11)
Southern Region QA Plan (FY 10-11)
Suncoast Region QA Plan (FY 10-11)

Regional QA Plans Fiscal Year 2009-2010
Central Region Plan (FY 09-10)
Northeast Region Plan (FY 09-10)
Northwest Region Plan (FY 09-10)
Southeast Region Plan (FY 09-10)
Southern Region Plan (FY 09-10)
Suncoast Region Plan (FY 09-10)

Regional QA Plans Fiscal Year 2008-2009
Central Region Plan (FY 08-09)
Northeast Region Plan (FY 08-09)
Northwest Region Plan (FY 08-09)
Southeast Region Plan (FY 08-09)
Southern Region Plan (FY 08-09)
SunCoast Region Plan (FY 08-09)