Risk Pool Reports

The establishment of a statewide risk pool program, administered by the Department, serves to manage and share the financial risks associated with the Community-Based Care (CBC) model for child welfare services in Florida. Should factors outside of a Lead Agency's control (e.g., shifts in the number of children in care, increase in the number of the very difficult populations, or a change in the characteristics of the children and families served) cause costs to rise, potentially impeding the Lead Agency's ability to provide ongoing quality services for all children and families served, section 409.990(7), F.S., provides qualified Lead Agencies with access to petition for relief from the risk pool, so as to avoid lead agency failure.

Per section 409.990(7), F.S., The department, in consultation with the Florida Coalition for Children, Inc., shall develop and implement a community-based care risk pool initiative to mitigate the financial risk to eligible lead agencies. The criteria contained within this protocol is intended to meet the intent of the statute to create a risk pool program designed to protect the financial interests of the State and spread the risks and accountabilities of the system of care amongst qualified entities.

Final Reports & Recommendations FY15-16
Risk Pool Peer Review Committee Recommendations (3/28/16)
Summary of Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations (3/28/16)
Brevard Family Partnership (3/28/16)
ChildNet, Inc. - Broward County (3/28/16)
ChildNet, Inc. - Palm Beach (3/28/16)
Community-Based Care of Central Florida - Seminole County (3/28/16)
Sarasota Family YMCA - Safe Children Coalition (3/28/16)
Protocol & Process FY15-16
Exhibit A: Protocol for Requesting Risk Pool Funding FY 15-16
Risk Pool Review Site Visit Schedule and Core Team Members
Risk Pool Review Committee Process (1/12/14)
Applications FY15-16
Child Net Risk Pool Application, Southeast Region - Circuit 17
Child Net Risk Pool Application, Southeast Region - Circuit 15
Sarasota Family YMCA Risk Pool Application, Suncoast Region
Brevard Family Partnership Risk Pool Application, Central Region
Community Based Care of Central Florida - Seminole Risk Pool Application, Central Region