Cultural Competency and Diversity Publications and Resources

Cultural Competency and Child Welfare
A Closer Look: Cultural Competency (NTAEC, 2009)
Disproportionate Representation in the Child Welfare System: Emerging Promising Practices Survey (NAPCWA, 2006)
Honoring Diverse Voices and Restoring Effective Practice in Child Welfare and Family Services (FRIENDS, 2006)
How Domestic Violence & Child Welfare Systems Impact Women of Color & Their Communities (FVPF, 2005)
Impending Danger and the Cultural Context (ACTION, 2009)
Moving Toward Cultural Competence: Key Considerations to Explore (AdoptUSKids)
Organizational Cultural & Linguistic Competence: Are We There Yet? (Alliance, 2008 ppt slides)


Resources to Build Competency with Specific Cultural Groups

African-American Families
Assessing Behavioral and Emotional Strengths in Black Children (Focal Point, 2003)
A Culturally Competent Model Program for African-Americans in the Child Welfare System (Focal Point, 2007)
Implementing Culturally Competent Research Practices: Identifying Strengths of African-American Communities, Families, and Children (Focal Point, 2003)
A Practice Guide for Working with African-American Families in the Child Welfare System (MN DHS, 2006)
Racial Disproportionality of African-American Children in the Child Welfare System: Prevention Strategies (Race Matters, 2007)
Working with African American Adoptive, Foster and Kinship Families (AdoptUsKids)
Asian/Pacific Islander Families
Connecting the Dots: Improving Neighborhood-Based Child Welfare Services (CACF, 2007)
Crossing the Divide: Asian American Families and the Child Welfare System (CACF, 2001)
Services for Asian and Pacific Islander Children and Families (NTACCMH, 2006)
Understanding Issues of Abuse and Neglect and Asian American Families (CACF, 2001)
Native American Families
The Alaska Child Welfare Disproportionality Reduction Project: Strategies for Success
Child Abuse & Neglect Among American Indian/Alaska Native Children (NICWA, 2001)
Family Guide to The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 (NICWA brochure)
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Checklist (Developed by Florida Guardians Ad Litem)
Native Americans and Child Welfare (2006)
Working With American Indian Families (NC Division of Social Services, 2006)
Faith-based Resources
A Guide for Child Welfare Agencies Working with Communities of Faith (n.d., AdoptUsKids)
Child Welfare Versus Parental Autonomy: Medical Ethics, the Law & Faith-based Healing (2004)
Clergy as Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect: Summary of State Laws (CWIG, 2008)
Engaging and Partnering with Faith-Based Organizations in Initiatives for Children, Youth, and Families (n.d. IEL)
Faith-Based Providers Working with LGBTQ Youth (2012, CWLA/Lambda Legal)
Hispanic/Latino Families
Latino Children of Immigrants in CW(Migration and Child Welfare National Network research brief)
Promoting and Supporting Latino Families in Adoption and Foster Care(AdoptUsKids, 2008)
The Hispanic Family in Flux (CFF, 2007)
The Well-Being of Immigrant Latino Youth: A Framework to Inform Practice (UNC, 2005)
Working with First Generation Latino Families (2002)
LGBTQ Resources
Best Practice Principles: Gay and Lesbian Youth in Care (CWLA, 2006)
Caring for LGBTQ Children and Youth - A Guide for Child Welfare Providers (2013, HRC)
Guidelines for Managing Information Related to the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression of Children in Child Welfare Systems (2012, CSSP)
GBTQ Issues & Child Welfare (NRCPFC)
LGBTQ Resources (compiled by Opening Doors Project)
LGBTQ Terminology (CWLA)
LGBTQ Youth Risk Data (CWLA)
Permanency Planning Today (Summer 2010 issue)
Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Services and Supports to LGBTQ1 Youth and Their Families (GUCCHD, 2012)
Supporting Your LGBTQ Youth: A Guide for Foster Parents (CWIG, 2013)
Tools to Support LGBTQ Youth in Care: Basic Facts About being LGBTQ (CWLA)
Refugee/Immigrant Families
A Social Worker's Toolkit for Working with Immigrant Families - Child Welfare Flowchart (2009)
A Social Worker’s Tool Kit for Working With Immigrant Families - Healing the Damage: Trauma and Immigrant Families in the Child Welfare System (Executive Summary) (2010)
A Social Worker’s Tool Kit for Working With Immigrant Families - Healing the Damage: Trauma and Immigrant Families in the Child Welfare System (2010)
A Social Worker's Tool Kit for Working with Immigrant Families - Immigration Status and Relief Options (2009)
Children of Immigrants in the Child Welfare System (Migration and Child Welfare National Network)
Cultural Competency & Haitian Immigrants (link)
Falling Through the Cracks: The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Children Caught Up in the Child Welfare System (2012)
Family & Community Centered Child Welfare Practice with Refugees & Immigrants (BRYCS, 2007)
Immigration: A Critical Issue for Child Welfare
Interviewing Immigrant Children and Families (BRYCS, 2009)
Serving Foreign-Born Foster Children: A Resource for Meeting the Special Needs of Refugee Youth & Children (BRYCS, 2007)
Tip Sheet on Haitian Culture
Working with Undocumented and Mixed Status Immigrant Children and Families (2011)
World as Community: The Intersection between Migration and Child Welfare (2007, ppt slides)