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www.centerforchildwelfare.org                                                                                                                                 April 22, 2015


QPI/JIT Live Life Skills Training- Thursday April 23

 “Housing” the final frontier. In this training we will explore strange new topics like post 18 living arrangements, necessary housing Life Skills, and tips for foster parents and young adults. We will de-mystify the challenges young adults face when leaving foster settings so they can boldly go where no man has gone before. Join in the webcast and help young adults prepare a successful plan for their future.  Click here for information and registration.




Upcoming eLearning and Classroom Training Events

®    QPI/JIT Webinar: Babysitting, Screening and Normalcy Guidelines. April 27, 2 - 3 pm (eastern) This webcast will review the differences between babysitting and child care, when screened backup caregivers are necessary, and will provide some additional discussion and guidelines on normalcy and the caregiver’s responsibility for making decisions regarding supervision for children in their care that are appropriate for the age, developmental level and behaviors of the children.  Click Here for information and registration.

®    QPI Webinar: Fostering Success Initiative, April 30, 10am-12pm (eastern).  We are excited to announce the next meeting for the Fostering Success Initiative. This is webcast to follow up on the 3/13 kickoff meeting.  During this time, we will share information from the workgroups, discuss the statewide collaboration that's happening, and provide information on resources being made available. We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and partnership as we continue forward to make this a huge success! Click Here to register for this web event.

®    Regional Training: 2015 Child Welfare Regional Training Institutes. Various dates/locations, January - May, 2015.  The purpose of the trainings are to enhance collaboration between certified domestic violence centers and child welfare agencies, to build the capacity of child welfare and partnering agencies to assess for domestic violence, to partner with domestic violence survivors to achieve child safety, and to appropriately safety plan with families experiencing domestic violence that are involved in the child welfare system
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Updates to Child Welfare Professional Loan Forgiveness Program


®    Open Enrollment Announcement for the Child Protection and Child Welfare Personnel Loan Forgiveness Program Memo (4/14/2015)

®    Child Protection and Child Welfare Loan Forgiveness Criteria (4/14/15)

®    Child Protection and Child Welfare Loan Forgiveness Application (4/14/15)


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