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www.centerforchildwelfare.org                                                                                                                                         January 14, 2015


Update to Maltreatment Index


®    Update to Maltreatment Index Memo 1/9/2015 (Effective Immediately)

The purpose of this memorandum is to outline the Department’s response when information is
received that alleges that a parent is demonstrating psychotic, delusional, or dangerous behaviors.                       The definition of Inadequate Supervision included within this memo supersedes the definition in the current Maltreatment Index.  Click Here to read definition of Inadequate Supervision.

®    Revision to Florida Administrative Code 65C-29 Child Protective Investigations (12/31/2014)

o   To view entire updated FAC click here.


Additional Memorandums that you may have missed…

·         New CBC Scorecard (Memo, 12/17/2014) click here

·         Child Protective Investigation Notifications to Agency for Persons with Disabilities, APD
(Memo, 11/17/2014)
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·         Foster Parent Investigations (Memo, 11/7/2014) click here

·         Clarification- FSFN Reporting Category for Payment of Placement and Services for Human Trafficking
Victims (Memo, 11/3/2014)
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         Upcoming Events, eLearning Training and Opportunities


®    The Quality Parenting Initiative and Florida’s Just In Time Training invites you to join us for a Live
Web Event:
“Diabetes Essentials at the Start of Care” January 29th  1:00 PM– 3:00 PM (Eastern)
Click Here to register for this training.

®    The Quality Parenting Initiative and Florida’s Just In Time Training invites you to join us for a Live
Web Event:
“ Private Adoption Interventions Training for Foster Parents” January 30th  
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
(Eastern)  Click Here to register for this training.

®    Training Conference: Florida’s Adoption Information Center Winter Statewide Adoption Training. January 22-24, 2015. Cocoa Beach, Fl.  Presented by Karen Alvord, LCSW, Executive Director of Lilliput Children's Services, Sacramento, California. Under Karen’s direction, Lilliput does more than 500 foster care adoptions per year, over 60% are relative adoptions. Click here for more information and the agenda. Click here to register for this training.

®    Regional Training: 2015 Child Welfare Regional Training Institutes. Various dates/locations, Jan - March, 2015.  The purpose of the trainings are to enhance collaboration between certified domestic violence centers and child welfare agencies, to build the capacity of child welfare and partnering agencies to assess for domestic violence, to partner with domestic violence survivors to achieve child safety, and to appropriately safety plan with families experiencing domestic violence that are involved in the child welfare system.
Click here for additional information including dates and locations. Click here to register for training.

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