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RevMax Contacts
Community‐Based Care Lead Agencies Revenue Maximization Contacts (updated 2/5/13)
Meeting Documents
Joint Child in Care and Child Welfare Eligibility Webinar (June 2014)
2013 Statewide Rev Max Meeting Agenda (September 2013)
2013 Statewide Rev Max Meeting Presentation Files
Guidance Documents and Information
Documents Created By R2b Conversion
Eligibility Reports
FLORIDA Family Track Screen Guide (2014)
Guidance Document: Long Term Caregiver
Maintenance Adoption Subsidy - DCF Presentation (Mar'12)
Maintenance Adoptin Subsidy- DCF Presentation Resources(Mar'12)
Processing FC Eligibility at Change
Processing FC Eligibility at Redetermination
Processing FC Eligibility for Adoption Purposes
Regular TANF - DCF Presentation (Mar'12)
TANF Eligibility in Child Protection:Policy Framework and FSFN Usage (6/09)
Upcoming changes to Eligibility