Florida's Center for


Information and Training Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

Abuse and Neglect Clearance of Informal Child Care Providers
CFOP 175-91 (1999) Requirements for informal child care providers to receive payment through the subsidized child care
Abuse and Neglect Clearance of Informal Child Care Providers
CFOP 175-91 (1999) Requirements for informal child care providers to receive payment through the subsidized child care
Administrative Fines for False Reports
CFOP 175-19 (2001) - discusses a uniform system for determining that a false report of abuse has been made and for seeking adminstrative fines or penalties.
NEW Administrative Functions
CFOP 170-16 (2016) - describes various administrative functions related to Child Welfare activities.
CFOP 170-12 (2016) - guidance to promote adoption including processes and services for the child and adoptive parent(s) prior to and after the adoption is finalized.
Child Fatality Response
CFOP 170-6 (2016) investigative response and review of child fatality investigations in Florida
Child Fatality Review Procedures
CFOP 175-17 (2011) procedures for child fatalities due to suspected abuse.
NEWChild Maltreatment Index
CFOP 170-4 (2016) used to guide consistent and accurate decision-making by the FL Hotline counselors and field investigation staff.
NEWChild Protective Investigations
CFOP 170-5 (2016) Policies and Procedures for Child Protective Investigations in Florida.
Coordination of Services Including Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for Youth
CFOP 175-96 (2002) -coordination of services for youth jointly served by DJJ and DCF
Criminal History and Delinquency Record Checks for Investigations, Placement and Emergency Placement
CFOP 175-94 (2007) -guidelines for access and handling of criminal and delinquency record information
NEWCriminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)
CFOP 170-3 (2016) -provides requirements to ensure that criminal justice information is accessed by DCF personnel only for authorized purposes and that information is protected
NEWDevelop and Manage Safety Plans
CFOP 170-7 (2016) This operating procedure establishes the policy for developing and managing safety plans.
Diligent Search
HRSOP 175-22 (1996) - describes the elements to be included in a diligent search
NEWFamily Assessment and Case Planning
CFOP 170-9 (2016) - core safety constructs and procedures used by case managers for assessment, planning and progress evaluation
NEWFederal and State Funding Eligibility
CFOP 170-15 (2016) - eligibility requirements and use of Title IV-E funding in child welfare programs
Finalized Adoption Cases and Automated System Client Identifiers
CFOP 175-67 (1998) - process for record keeping following adoption finalization
NEWFlorida's Child Welfare Practice Model
CFOP 170-1 (2016) - describes the department's child welfare practice model and defines safety concepts, caregiver protective capacities, child strengths and needs and family visitation and case plan progress.
Funeral Arrangements for Children in Foster Care
CFOP 175-70 (2014) - guidelines for funeral arrangements for children who die while in care
NEWHotline Intake Assessment
CFOP 170-2 (2016) procedures for the Florida Abuse Hotline
Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
CFOP 175-97 (2003) - procedures for adoption subsidy and medicaid across state lines
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
CFOP 175-54 (1997) - procedures for placement and supervision across state lines
Manual Expunction of Florida Abuse Hotline Information System Records
CFOP 175-51 (1998) - determination and technical instructions for when a child abuse record may be expunged
NEWLicensing and Placement
CFOP 170-11 (2016) - policy issues related to placement and licensing
Master Trust for Benefit of Family Safety Program Clients
CFOP 175-59 (2006) - guidelines for administration of a Master Trust fund for DCF clients
NEWNonrelative Caregiver Financial Assistance
CFOP 170-10 (2017) -policy and procedures of the administration of the Relative Caregiver Program for nonrelative Caregivers
Prevention, Reporting, and Services to Missing Children
CFOP 175-85 (2002) - procedures for cases involving missing children and runaways
Priority Placement Under the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
CFOP 175-55 (1997) - requirements for priority placement under Regulation No. 7 of ICPC
Relative Caregiver Program
CFOP 175-79 (2001) - procedures for the administration of the Relative Caregiver Program
NEWResponse to the Human Trafficking of Children
CFOP 170-14 (2016) - This operating procedure describes the special requirements for intakes and subsequent actions relating to the commercial sexual exploitation of a child and labor trafficking of children.
Relicensing Child Placing Agencies
CFOP 175-52 (1998) - time frames and procedures for licensing staff for relicensing child-placing agencies
Reports and Services Involving Indian Children
CFOP 175-36 (2013) - requirements for reports and subsequent actions relating to Indian children
Services for Children with Mental Health and any Co-Occurring Substance Abuse or Developmental Disability Needs
CFOP 155-10 / 175-40 (2010) - provides guidance for the integration of services for children and youth in out-of-home care
Services to Refugee and Entrant Unaccompanied Minors
CFOP 175-44 (1999) - standards for services provided to refugee and entrant unaccompanied minors
State Institutional Claims for Damages Caused by Shelter or Foster Child
CFOP 175-60 (1999) - procedure to request restitution for damages caused by a child in FC