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Bullying: How to STOP it! (08/15/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Basics of Substance Use Disorders, Drugs of Abuse and Child Welfare (07/26/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Random Moment Sampling (08/13/2019) (0.5 Hours)

Judicial Reviews, Permanency, and the Florida Practice Model (Statewide) (07/12/2019) (1.5 Hours)

The Importance of Stable Placements for Children (06/27/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Empowered to Engage: Encouraging the Use of Specific Engagement Studies (05/06/2019) (0.5 Hour)

Engaging Substance Using Parents in the Child Welfare System (05/07/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Recruitment, Experiences and Relationships Between Guardians ad Litem and Foster Families (04/18/2019) (0.5 Hours)

Who's Taking Care of You? (05/06/2019) (No licensing Hours)

How to Testify in Court WITHOUT Breaking a Sweat (05/07/2019) (1.0 Hour)

The Intentional Choice: Self Care for the Social Work Field and Beyond (05/06/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Silent Suffering: Responding to Self-Harm (04/18/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Supporting Respectful Partnerships: Coparenting (05/29/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Implementation of an Evidence-Based Kinship Navigation Model: Lessons Learned from the Children's Home Kinship Navigator Program (05/16/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Innovating Child Welfare: Family First Prevention Services Act and Kinship Navigation (05/16/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Quality Standards for DCF Licensed Group Homes: Debriefing on the Statewide Pilot (05/23/2019) (0.5 Hours)

Trauma Informed Care and Child Welfare Worker Satisfaction (04/18/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Substance Use Disorders (04/18/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Injury Prevention: Safe Kids (04/17/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Healthy Boundaries for Kids With Electronics (04/17/2019) (0.5 Hours)

Helping Families in the Critical Post-Adoption Period (04/18/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Engagement is Relationship (04/17/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Hidden Scars, Similar Pains "Mental Injury" (04/18/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Mixed Messages: Making Sense of Methodology (04/18/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Parentified Kids (04/18/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Child and Adult Psychiatry: An Overview (04/17/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Resilience in the Face of Trauma and Suffering (04/17/2019) (1.0 Hour)

Addiction and Marijuana - Negative Impact on Children and Families (04/17/2019) (1.0 Hour)