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NOTE: The Center does not process any questions that are specific to a child, family, or specific case of any kind.

The Center DOES NOT accept reports of abuse or neglect and does not respond to personal family situations.

To Report a concern about a child in Florida, call the DCF Hotline: 1-800-962-2873, 24 hours a day

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The same or similar questions are often posed by multiple child welfare professionals throughout Florida. At times, the answer is different depending on the opinion, experience, or understanding of the person being asked to respond. When this occurs confusion within the field can be the result.

The Center for Child Welfare is committed to providing professionals with a way to Ask a Question and Get a Single Answer. Customers can ask child welfare and child protection policy-related questions and submit them to the Center at any time. Utilizing relevant laws, administrative rules and DCF policies and procedures that guide child welfare professionals in all areas, the Center will provide answers that will be clear and fact-based.

How FAQ works:

Using one of the methods above, pose a question to the Center. Center staff will review the question and respond to its author within one business day. This response will include an acknowledgement of receipt and request for any clarification needed to understand and research the question. Timeframes for a complete response will be determined once all clarification is received.

Response times:

For questions where the answer can be obtained by researching existing documents, the Center will respond within three business days.

The Center will forward to the Department of Children Families Central Office questions for which an answer cannot be formulated utilizing existing documents. These response times will follow the same guidelines as those used for policy interpretation.

Once an answer is obtained, the Center will:

Respond back to the author with the complete question and answer.
Post the question and answer within the Frequently Asked Question section of the FAQ Library within the appropriate category.