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2016 Child Protection Summit

General Sessions

Wednesday General Session No Training Hours Availiable
Thursday SessionNo Training Hours Availiable
Friday SessionNo Training Hours Availiable

Recorded Workshops

Allegations Of Medical Neglect - Checking The Facts(09/09/2016) | Running Time: (2:04:38)

Breaking Down Barriers to School Attendance(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (59:29)

Case Planning with Teens at the Table(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:13:36)

Chapter 39 Injunctions(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:12:30)

Civil Citation - Keeping Kids out of the Juvenile Justice System(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:08:33)

Compassion Fatigue - The Cost of Caring(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:01:13)

Emerging Issues Regarding Parental Fundamental Rights - What Every Judicial Trianing Officer Needs to Know(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (2:08:52)

Guardianship and Guardian Advocate Training For Attorneys Post-Regis Little(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:12:20)

Human Trafficking Screening Tool(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (1:05:43)

Impact of Pre & Postnatal Substance Exposure on Development & Behavior in 0-3 Year Olds(09/07/2016) | Running Time: (2:16:31)

Let's Get Placement On - Why ICPC Matters(09/08/2016) | Running Time: (57:07)

Resources from All Workshops