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Supporting Families During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, everyday life has changed and will continue to change for most people. We will continue to keep you updated with information and resources.

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The Center's Conoravirus Updates

This Week

This webinar is hosted by Capacity Building Center for Tribes.

Webinar will focus on building a trauma lens that lends itself to utilizing a trauma-informed approach when providing services to American Indian children and families involved in child welfare. A trauma-informed child welfare system will be defined and participants will have an understanding of how trauma influences development and brain chemistry. Common impacts of trauma for children, adults, families and communities will be discussed as well as considerations for trauma-informed strategies that act as a buffer against the potential negative impacts of trauma.

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This webinar is based on a session originally scheduled as part of the 33rd Annual Research and Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Behavioral Health, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar will describe a voluntary, non-judicial program implemented in Duval County, Florida – Family Assessment Support Team (FAST). In this webinar, you will learn how Family Support Services of North Florida used a Regional Partnership Grant to implement FAST as a strategy to increase parents’ recovery from substance abuse disorders, improve outcomes for children, and enhance family functioning and stability.

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This webinar is hosted by The Youth Law Center.

Caregivers have a unique opportunity to assist children in exploring and appreciating their own racial identity as well as adopting an antiracist worldview. Utilizing developmental research, this workshop explores messages and actions that caregivers may adopt to promote equality and justice as core values for children. Specific guidelines will be addressed for creating an environment where children learn to value diversity and resist prejudice and discrimination.

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This webinar is hosted by The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

As children navigate their way through foster care during COVID-19, their lives are being inundated by loss and grief. Findings from empirical child-centered research demonstrate that youth in foster care experience multiple losses, and that their grief is often unacknowledged and disenfranchised. With the onset of COVID-19, youths’ loss experiences have escalated, and their needs have become even more pronounced. This webinar will address the losses that youth in foster care face, the unique challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents for youth in foster care who are grieving, and how adults can help youth weather the storms of grief.

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This webinar is hosted by The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

When children and parents are separated by child protective services, efforts for reunification are mandated by law and supported by casework practice. Child welfare literature, dating back decades, documents that what historically has been known as “visitation” is the best predictor of reunification. More recently, visitation has become known as “family time.” Relationships between and among parents, foster parents, and casework staff must be positive and affirming. Now, however, “social distancing” because of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a complex and perplexing impact on family time. Join us for a discussion about supporting quality “family time.”

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This webinar is hosted by Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

This webinar will explore the core principles and offer practical guidance for supporting families affected by domestic violence and substance use disorders. Addressing these co-occurring issues in an integrated, trauma-informed, and comprehensive manner will ensure that parents can focus on all domains of recovery so their families can thrive.

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The Florida Network of Child Advocacy Centers is pleased to announce our 2020 Krimes Against Kids Conference!

We have a great line up of workshops and up to 12 hours of CEUs available. Register today to save your spot for Krimes Against Kids 2020. The cost is only $300 a person.

With over 50 workshops over three days, the 2020 Conference promises to provide something for everyone. Our faculty includes presenters who are recognized for their passion and expertise. This annual event has become a favorite for many professionals around the country, including law enforcement personnel, forensic interviewers, child protective service personnel, victim advocates, attorneys, prosecutors, therapists, counselors, and social workers.

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