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Changes to Florida’s Center for Child Welfare

Our contract with Florida’s Department of Children and Families is ending October 31, 2022. As we transition through this process you will find that resources are moving to the My Florida Families Knowledge and Information Distribution Site (KIDS) located at https://myflfamilies.com/service-programs/child-welfare/kids/. As information becomes available, we will provide updates regarding certificates for training hours for Foster Parents and Child Welfare Professionals.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at centersupport@usf.edu

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A family-centered approach reflects an understanding and responsiveness to the fact that parents and children live within the context of a larger family system and services must respond to the needs of each family member and the family system to achieve the best outcomes. Children with actively involved fathers have better outcomes.[i] Engaging fathers in services for families affected by substance use and mental disorders, particularly in the perinatal period, remains challenging due to: 1) historical exclusion of men in services for families, 2) biases against fathers as caregivers, and 3) lack of understanding about the integral role of parenthood in the lives of men.[ii] Because of these challenges, unique approaches are needed to prevent child placements and to engage and retain fathers in programs aimed at improving outcomes for families affected by substance use and mental disorders. A plan of safe care is one tool that service providers can use to organize, support, and guide a father's engagement in the earliest period of their child’s life, setting the stage for a lifetime of connection.

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A Turnover and workforce capacity have long been a challenge in the world of child welfare. The Covid-19 pandemic and overall disruptions in the employment sector have taken these issues from challenge to full-blown crisis in many parts of the country.

Salaries are an important part of the conversation, but not the only factor. This online conversation will feature an expert panel of forward-thinking leaders in the field who focus on strategies for combating turnover and vacancies, even in a tough labor market. This event is sponsored by Binti.

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The conference is scheduled for July 18-20, 2022 at Disney Orlando.
Dr. Brian Miller will deliver the conference keynote and provide a leadership track session on implementing CE CERT in your organization.

56 conference sessions and you can earn 13.5 CEU credits.

2022 Krimes Against Kids Conference Registration
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Conference registration is $375/person for in-person attendance and $300/person for virtual registration.
Coronado Springs Resort Disney Orlando hotel room rate is $150/night.

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Join the Fostering Families Today team for a discussion about how race and cultural differences impact children in foster care. Attendees will hear from a panel of experts and individuals with lived experience.

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