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This webinar is hosted by HRDQ-U

Why do some leaders flourish while others fail? Effective leaders positively influence the behavior of their followers, getting them to work toward shared goals. But leaders have different ways in which they characteristically influence others.

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This webinar is hosted by Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention National Training and Technical Assistance Center (OJJDP NTTAC)

This webinar will discuss the role of resource parents in supporting family recovery and reunification in family treatment courts.

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Presenter: Dr. James McHale, Professor, Chair of the Department of Psychology and Director of University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s Family Study Center

Facilitator: Jamie G. Averett, Quality Parenting Initiative Consultant

Description: The Florida Department of Children and Families Partnership Plan recognizes the need for children to have continuity in their relationships with their birth parents. In recognizing this need, the plan calls for caregivers and agency staff to partner together to assist birth parents in improving their ability to care for and protect their children, and further provides that partners will act in a supportive and respectful manner that allows children to maintain ties to their family. While the words “co-parenting” are not used in the Partnership Plan, the expectations are clear; co-parenting is an essential element to providing quality parenting to children.

Moreover, it is clear that co-parenting is an expectation that extends beyond caregivers and birth parents. Successful co-parenting requires a partnership with agency staff, caregivers and birth families. As a participant in this webcast, you can expect to learn about the following: What are the foundational principles of co-parenting? Are those principles supportive of child development and trauma sensitive practices? What are the challenges to implementing co-parenting practices? What are the successes of implementing co-parenting practices? What role do agency staff, caregivers, and birth parents play in successful co-parenting? How can co-parenting be implemented in your local QPI site?

We look forward to you joining us on this webcast as we continue to learn how quality parenting for children requires supportive, respectful partnerships through co-parenting.

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