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This webinar is hosted by Children's Home Society of Minnesota.

Join us for a webinar about race and racism in America and how to engage in antiracism work as a family. Learn about how the impact of racial injustices are affecting individuals and families, how you can incorporate and celebrate diversity in your family, and how to help adoptees cope and build resilience during this time. Children are welcome to attend this event. While every child’s readiness is different, we suggest age 10+ as a guide.

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This webinar is hosted by The National Child Welfare Workforce Institure (NCWWI)

The COVID-19 pandemic caused child welfare programs to quickly change how we provide services to families and support the workforce. As a result, many best and promising practices are replacing those that were ineffective or outdated. Join NCWWI to talk about how these changes can continue to benefit families and the workforce in the future.

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This webinar is hosted by APAC

Today, systemic racial injustice is front and center in the public's mind. From coast to coast, and around the world, conversations about race, bias, and unjust systems are unfolding in communities of all kinds. What can we do about bias in our own worlds? How do we start the conversation? How do we begin to understand how bias infiltrates our own hearts and minds?

In this webinar, we'll explore implicit bias and how it impacts our clients, our families, and ourselves. We'll discuss the biological origins of bias, its impact on present-day society, and strategies for addressing it, both explicit and implicit, in the world around us. Participants will be invited to consider and confront their own biases and will leave with a personal action plan to deal with bias in their personal, professional, and community lives.

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Gangs conduct criminal activity in all 50 states. Although most gang activity is concentrated in major urban areas, gangs also are proliferating in rural and suburban areas as gang members flee increasing law enforcement pressure in urban areas.

During this session attendees will learn to recognize signs of gang involvement including gang tattoos, terminology, graffiti and using hand signals. Attendees will also be able to recognize the warning signs and risk factors of youth gang recruitment. This session will also discuss the female's role in gangs and how gang sex trafficking differs from other forms of trafficking.

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This year the Child Protection Summit will be virtual. The Department of Children and Families anticipates the convening of more than 3,000 child welfare professionals and related partners, including attorneys, case managers, child advocates, child protective investigators and supervisors, Child Protection Team staff, child welfare trainers, court staff, DCF staff, relative caregivers, foster and adoptive parents, guardians ad litem, judges, law enforcement, juvenile justice professionals, service providers, and youth.

The 2020 Child Protection Summit has a great line up of workshops, offering more than 70 workshop sessions, over four days with more than 100 presenters.

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This webinar is hosted by The Florida Institute of Child Welfare and is part of the Partnering with Families Webinar Series.

Listen to Mr. Sims, both a foster youth alumnus and a case manager supervisor, as he invites participants to a conversation about quality engagement and purposeful interactions with children and families. Mr. Sims will also highlight the opportunity of re-imagining "Social" services by understanding that the best and most effective resource we should offer is social engagement. Typically, time is focused on wrapping children and families with services, but how much time is given to engagement? Explore how we can better interact with our children and families as a key factor in establishing successful and effective partnerships towards strengthening the safety and well-being of families in our communities.

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The CWVE is an annual 1-day event sponsored by the Children’s Bureau and the Capacity Building Center for States, in collaboration with planning partners. On Thursday, September 24, the 2020 CWVE will bring together child welfare leaders and other child welfare professionals from federal, state, tribal, and local organizations across the country. Attendees will have opportunities to engage in online activities and virtual discussions, hear from national experts, and work on building skills related to strengthening families, creating prevention-focused child welfare systems, and supporting implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act.

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